Campervan, RV, and Motorhome Hire Excess Insurance

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Ensuring excess insurance for motorhome hire equals not being obliged to exceed the trip budget in case of an accident. After all, the collision and liability waiver policies do not pay for everything, and drivers are liable for a heavy sum in incidents. Fortunately, it is not hard to comprehend how campervan, RV, and motorhome hire excess insurance policies work. As a matter of fact, their small cost usually surprises drivers compared to the consequent relief.

What Is Motorhome Hire Excess Insurance?

Motorhome hire excess insurance is an optional but highly recommended add-on to your hire motorhome insurance – also applicable to campervans and RVs. Combined with the standard Collision Damage and Liability Insurance Waiver (covering the motorhome and liability to others, respectively), it covers and saves you from a robust bill called an “excess”. Similar to what happens in car hire excess insurance, you would otherwise be liable for a considerable sum in case of an incident.

Most people might find it a surprise, but insured drivers who do not count on a motorhome hire excess insurance will be liable for a surplus that may raise up to thousands of dollars/pounds.

What Does It Cover?

Requirements to Purchase Motorhome and Campervan Hire Excess Insurance

The requirements to purchase a motorhome hire excess insurance cover are not very different from those of a van hire excess insurance:

What to Check for in the Insurance?

How Much Does RV/Campervan/Motorhome Hire Excess Insurance Cost?

Excess Insurance ProviderTypeCoveragePrice From (Single-Day Trip)
CarInsuRentMotorhome and Campervan Hire Excess InsuranceGB£2,500.00GB£14.25
RentalCoverMotorhome, RV and Campervan Hire Excess InsuranceGB£2,400.00GB£25.25
Questor InsuranceMotorhome and Campervan Hire Excess InsuranceGB£2,500.00£9.15 (Worldwide)
£8.13 (Europe)


Considering both the cost and how practical it is to acquire motorhome hire excess insurance, there are no reasons that justify ignoring it. The price comparison table above allows clear identification of the type of excess coverage you might be looking for. Our recommendation is to give the “What to Check For” topic a second look. Yes, even before deciding where to rent your motorhome and campervan. That way, no concerns will be capable of disturbing your peace of mind.