Best 21 Beaches in Europe Accessible By Car

Secret beaches in Europe

Beaches in Europe vary in size, format, and beauty and are possibly one of the best choices when it comes to a relaxing vacation. However, everybody seems to consider the same, and those places are growing crowded. Fortunately, there are hidden gems out there that locals keep secret – but not for you.

Best Beaches in Europe Accessible By CarWhat Do I Need For My Euro Beach Trip?

  • Anything to protect against sun exposure from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the hottest season of the year.
  • Pack enough water for you and your family according to your time out.
  • Swimsuit and anything that would make you feel comfortable at the beach.
  • Traction mats, perhaps a tow rope, and a shovel, in case your car get stuck.
  • Tire pressure gauge to release pressure and allow your tires to drive on the beach, and an air pump to reverse the job.
  • Keep a spare tire, first-aid kits, and a flashlight as an emergency package.
  • Plan your fuel usage.
  • Ensure your insurance policy is active and get yourself a car hire excess insurance to avoid disbursing hundreds of euros.

Top Beaches in Europe To Visit By Car

Finally, after paying close attention to which tools and preparations may keep a driver or an entire family from trouble, the real deal. As mentioned, those secret European beaches accessible by car differ from one another. Some are simply water and sand, while others are near an old and quiet village. There is an opportunity for every taste.

Praia de Ursa, Portugal

Warm sand and a beautiful landscape built of enormous rocks and green-stroked cliffs await those who are determined enough to reach Praia de Ursa. It is a remote European beach accessible by car, and almost no one tries to get there using public transport.

From Cascais, drive to Cabo da Roca, which offers an outstanding view alone, and walk a few hundred meters to reach the beach, including a rocky trail right before it. Yes, preservation and avoiding flocks of tourists has a price.

Anamur, Turkey

Anamur is one of those spots you do not want to miss if you are striving to experience a proper Turkish beach without being surrounded by other people and resorts. Its castles and ruins make it a perfect combination of historical views and relaxation from the beach.

From the Antalya airport, your rented and insured car can drive you to Anamur within a couple of hours.

Beach of Anamur in Europe Accessible By CarTraigh Eais Beach, Scotland

Traigh Eais beach is one of the many places to stop and simply get stunned by Barra’s beautiful bright green waters in Scotland. Due to its tide, it cannot be accessed at any given time, and that makes it even more special.

Although it is necessary to land on Barra by airplane, you can visit every corner of it from the moment you get your rented car, with no stress or orientation.

Liepaja, Latvia

Liepaja is only one of the many hidden gems on the Baltic coast, where still not many people have landed their feet to combine the local beauty with entertaining activities provided in the city of Liepaja.

The best possible experience is to hire a car from the north of Lithuania and enjoy an adventure towards Liepaja.

Melide, Spain

There is nothing surprising in considering Spain for visiting the best beaches in Europe accessible by car. However, Melide is not in the famous Mediterranean counterpart, remaining a secret with its shores by the Atlantic.

Surprisingly, it is only 27 miles from the airport of Santiago de Compostela, and it falls between two capes: Cabo Home and Cabo Pequeño, worth visiting with your hired car.

Saharun, Croatia

Croatia has stunning landscapes that allow fortunate travelers to boast around for many years, and Saharun beach is one of those places. Its crystal-like waters and the absence of a crowd make it a perfect stop for a European beach trip.

Saharun is located on the Dugi Otok Island, but you can take your hired card aboard a ferry and enjoy the trip once you get to Zadar.

Polly Joke, UK

Its official name is Porth Joke, and it is the perfect destination for those wishing to feel the warm breeze, hear the waves, and simply wish their eyes could take pictures. Polly Joke is only a few miles away from Newquay. You can park at West Pentire car park and enjoy a walk towards one of the best beaches in Europe that are accessible by car.

Chia, Sardinia

In Chia, you will probably share a splendid bay with the locals from a calm village nearby. It is the perfect mix of the pleasing panorama of the peninsula of Bithya and the picturesque scenario of remote European villages.

From Cagliari, simply drive less than an hour to Chia with your rental car.

Beach of Chia, Sardinia

Albandeira Beach, Algarve

Portugal is back in the game with Albandeira, a jewel in the Algarve coastline with golden sand and yellowish cliffs that are a perfect match. Besides its clear waters, the few travelers that get there appreciate bathing in natural pools formed between the rocks.

Albandeira is only half an hour away from Lagos, or almost 3 hours if you decide to take your rental car from Lisbon.

Koufonissia, Greece

Hidden between the islands of Amorgos and Naxos, Upper and Lower Koufonissi are two islets that can be explored in a day with a car. During stops or while driving, you will never lose sight of beautiful oceanic views. Similar to other small islands on this list, hiring a car will allow the authentic experience no tourism company can provide.

Viveiro Galicia, Spain

Another place with the relaxing combination of an old town and breathtaking beaches is Viveiro Bay. It offers the best conditions in July or September, whilst August tends to have more people attracted to the beaches surrounded by hills.

Hire a car or a van from A Coruña (closest), Santiago de Compostela or Asturias airports to get there.

Paleochora, Greece

White sand and sunbeds that actually have room for you and your family await at Paleochora, a seaside village in Greece. The ferry from Santorini leaves people in Heraklion, from where the car or van rental services are easy to get – the road towards the beach is fantastic!

Rossbeigh Beach, Ireland

Rossbeigh Beach is the last item on this list before heading to the top 7 hidden beaches in Europe accessible by car. It is part of Glenbeigh, the final destination of the Ring of Kerry route, which takes you through Killarney National Park and allows marvelous sightseeing. We have a complete article on amazing places to visit with a car in Europe with such tours.

Cala Pregonda, Spain

The island of Menorca has a hidden gem that could not be out of this list. Cala Pregonda is a stunning beach with glass-like blue waters and golden sand. To get to its rock formations, drivers can ignore the first beaches on the island, filled with tourists, and keep driving on before reaching a free parking lot, only a short walk away.

7 Secret Beaches in Europe to Visit By Car

After collecting information on over a dozen different beach destinations in Europe to carry out further research, our job is not yet done. Following next, 7 secret beaches reachable in Europe by car you should not miss.

Plage de Roccapina, France

The French Island of Corsica has a small piece of white sand and clear waters with a campsite for those willing to stay a little longer. It is Plage de Roccapina, only two hours away from Ajaccio, where you can rent a car.

Moon Bay, Slovenia

Moon Bay counts on a breathtaking combination of colors that catch the eye from the moment you reach that little piece of paradise in Slovenia. Being within a national park, it is one of the few beaches in the country with a limited coastline. Almost untouched, this place can be reached within only 15 minutes of driving, renting a car from Portoroz Airport, which is 4x faster than with public transport – when there is any.

Hovolo Beach, Greece

Whenever we mention natural beauty, there is no way to avoid adding Greece to a list. The rocky landscape of the beach of Hovolo screams “Greece”, without as many tourists as the most popular islands. There is enough population to find a place to eat while letting yourself fall in love with what a beach would look like in heaven. From Skopelos, you will need to drive only half an hour to Hovolo.

Drymades Beach, Albania

The Albanian Riviera counts on clear and vibrant blue waters, a beach scenario worth a Hollywood movie and an empty view, as not everyone knows what Albania reserves. Getting to the small bay of Drymades may take a few hours from the nearest airport of Tirana, but the road trip will add other incredible sights to the overall experience.

Calo des Moro, Spain

Calo des Moro is a cove that would remain gorgeous even if it were crowded, but there would not be much room for everyone. Fortunately, that is not the case, and its brilliant waters might be everything you will see while taking a day off lying on the sand.

From Palma, you take less than an hour to reach Calo des Moro with a rental car, following signs that lead onto a dirt road.

Elafonisi Beach, Greece

Among the hidden gems, Elafonisi might be the best beach to discover in Greece. Located at the south-western part of Crete, its clear waters blend perfectly with its pink sand. Although it looks like an untouched oasis, there are public toilets, and reaching it is not that difficult via car.

The direct road towards the beach is taking the North coast through Topolia and also Elos. For breathtaking sights and a longer road, prefer to drive along the West coast.

Elafonisi Beach Accessible By Car

Pasjaca Beach, Croatia

Another precious spot in Croatia is Pasjaca Beach, one of the most beautiful destinations in the whole of Europe. It is only 30 minutes away driving from Dubrovnic, and it has the charming beauty of being connected to an old village. Curious fact: it could not be reached and still did not have sand until 1955 when a tunnel originated the small strand of sand that welcomes travelers.

The Takeaway

There are many more beautiful gems than the best 21 beaches in Europe that are accessible by car, which we briefly described. However, you definitely took note of a few names that you can barely wait to visit. From that decision on, it is only a matter of planning and searching for more details.

When hiring a car to visit those places, take special attention to the type of road you will drive on. That will be necessary to choose the best car hire service. Also, that is as important as acquiring a car or van hire excess insurance policy to avoid paying a large sum in case of an accident or theft.

That said, we hope helped you to plan your next European trip!


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