About Us

At CarHireExcessInsurance.net, we ensure people from all around the world are fully protected against additional charges when traveling. We understand the importance of having that peace of mind, even when something goes wrong. Therefore, we compare and identify the best excess insurance products related to damages, theft, and similar protection, such as repairing the car’s underbody or roof, lost keys, misfuelling, and more.

Our job is to prevent drivers from paying for hidden costs rental companies never mention, even in those expensive, over-priced offers. When comparing the car hire excess insurance companies, we consider their price, coverage, and, of course, reimbursement time.

We offer the possibility to compare several Single Trip to Annual Multi-Trip excess insurance options, including van hire excess insurance, as not only cars demand that protection against additional costs. In order to deliver nothing but excellent quality, our service is based on three fundamental pillars:

  1. Transparency
    We deliver precise and updated information so that you know what you are purchasing.
  2. Trust
    Our specialists revise the websites’ terms and conditions regarding the excess insurance policies to safeguard your rights.
  3. Free
    You have complete access to comparisons and guides on hiring excess insurance properly, without any additional costs for it.

Our primary goal is to assist you by offering top-notch information on the best type of excess insurance out there. We hope you’ll then get what you need, without fees that would remain hidden without our help. Therefore, you can always count on CarHireExcessInsurance.net.